Kingston, Jamaica –October 22, 2019:  Wigton Renewable Energy Training Lab, the capacity building and talent development arm of Wigton Windfarm Limited, has been awarded City and Guild Assured Status for its four major courses.

The prestigious designation has been assigned to four of Wigton’s core offerings, the Wind Energy, Solar Thermal, Bio-Energy and Solar Photovoltaic courses. As a result, persons completing these courses will earn certificates issued by City & Guilds, a global leader in skills development.

The internationally recognised entity is world renown for promoting portable skills and globally recognised standards that enable people and organisations to succeed. City and Guilds partners with Governments, employers and educators in over 50 countries to advise them on developing high-quality skills training to meets the needs of the global workforce as well as local demands.

Earl Barrett, General Manager of Wigton Windfarm Limited said, “In addition to our commercial objectives, Wigton is committed to developing a cadre of skilled, qualified professionals and service providers who can operate in all areas and at all levels of the renewable energy industry and City and Guild Assured Status for our core courses can translate across several spheres.”

The first offering with the newly received classification will be delivered next month when Wigton holds a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Course at the state of the Training Lab located at its wind farm complex in Rose Hill, Manchester on November 18 –22, 2019. The five-day course will cover the fundamentals of PV Technology as well as PV system design, installation and operation for stand-alone or grid-tied systems.

Topics include PV system components and equipment, mounting systems and installation methods, principles of sizing as wellas the use and operation of inverters and charge controllers. Participants will also be exposed to the legal and financial considerations of installing a system, requirements for power purchase agreements with the utility company and best practices for determining system feasibility and size.

Interested persons can register for the course or get more information at traininglab@wwflja.com or 876-960-3994.  The deadline for registration is November 11, 2019.